We help integrating Tezos NFTs in your project.

With a lot of experience in creating NFT indexers and user interfaces, we can support your development team in integrating Tezos NFTs in your app.

Music NFTs

You have the vision, we bring the technology.

Our fast and versatile open source indexer for Tezos NFTs is trusted by developers and projects of all sizes among the Tezos community. Whatever type of NFT related data your app needs, it either comes by the core already or the fully flexible TezTok plugin system makes it happen.

Indexer is funded by

Tezos Foundation

Core indexer

  • Token meta data
  • Marketplace listings + offers
  • Sales data

Plugin system

  • Specific project related data
  • Thumbnail generation
  • and more...

All the things in what we can support you.

Tezos NFT integration

We help you integrating Tezos NFTs in your application.

Indexer plugins

We make sure all the data your projects needs gets indexed.

User interfaces

We help creating the frontend of your application.



Simon is a full-stack developer who builds and maintains the TezTok indexer. He is a contributor to the Teia community.

  • Indexer development and support
  • Indexer plugin development


Markus is a designer and frontend developer. Called by Cliché, he is also an artist in the Tezos community.

  • Creating user interfaces
  • Doing frontend development

Some Tezos projects we worked on recently and keep supporting.


Butiq lets you share all your links, and everything you create or collect on the Tezos blockchain with one link.

  • Project design and development
  • TezTok indexer integration

Teia is a non-profit and open-source platform and marketplace for Tezos NFTs.

  • TezTok indexer integration
  • Code contribution

The LiveFeed is a community project to display all NFT related transactions on the Tezos blockchain.

  • TezTok indexer integration
  • User interface creation

Now let's talk and see how we can support your app.

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