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We index and normalize NFT related data on the Tezos Blockchain, and make it easily accessible through a GraphQL API.

The indexer aggregates and stores an event history for all tokens. Every time a new event occurs on a token, the indexer processes the event history and re-creates a token model along with listings, offers, tags, and holdings.

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TezTok as a Service

We run TezTok as an experimental service and want to keep it free for non-commercial projects. If you're building a commercial one, please reach out to us.

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If you prefer to set up and maintain your own infrastructure, we provide the latest major release on a public Github repository for usage at will.


Always being analytical and loving to fiddle with numbers and data. He's the core developer of this project. Collecting cool NFTs since April 2021.


Designer and frontend developer by day, artist by night. Always on the hunt for pixel perfection. Collecting NFTs since August, creating them since November 2021.


TezTok. Your Gateway to the Tezos NFT Ecosystem.

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