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Get started in no time and build your own NFT App on Tezos, backed by the TezTok Indexer and its GraphQL API.

Example: 8bidou × TezTok

This demo shows off some of the capabilties of the TezTok GraphQL API with an actual user interface. All data used is based on the 8bidou contracts. Get inspired right from the Github repository. Feel free to fork and use it as a starting point.


Use cases

  • NFT marketplaces on the Tezos Blockchain
  • Tezos cross marketplace apps
  • Tax reports on NFT buys and sales
  • General data analysis on Tezos NFTs
  • Tezos NFT art galleries or artist collections

Get started

Examples on GithubEvents on Github


Try out different GraphQL queries on our playground and explore the API on your own.

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Check out the API documentation. Learn how make certain requests to get the information you need.

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Join the creator community on Discord and get the latest information at first hand. Let's get this rolling together.

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