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fa2_addressstringThe contract address of the token (always starts with “KT”).
token_idstringThe ID of the token.
typestringThe type of listing identifies on which marketplace it was created. If a marketplace has multiple marketplace contracts, each is represented with its own type. Currently, the indexer supports these types: HEN_SWAP, HEN_SWAP_V2, TEIA_SWAP, TYPED_SWAP, 8SCRIBO_SWAP, OBJKT_ASK, OBJKT_ASK_V2, FX_OFFER, FX_LISTING, VERSUM_SWAP, 8BID_8X8_COLOR_SWAP, 8BID_24X24_MONOCHROME_SWAP, 8BID_24X24_COLOR_SWAP, KALAMINT_LIST_TOKEN
statusstringThe status of a listing can be either 'active', 'sold_out', or 'canceled'.
created_attimestampA timestamp of when the listing was created.
contract_addressstringThe address of the marketplace contract that was used to create the listing.
seller_addressstringThe Tezos address of the person who created the listing (the person selling the token).
pricebig integerThe price of the token, in micro tez.
amountbig integerThe total number of editions that are set up for sale.
amount_leftbig integerThe number of editions that are left for sale.
swap_idbig integerIf it's a swap, this will contain the swap ID.
ask_idbig integerIf it's an ask, this will contain the ask ID.
offer_idbig integerIf it's an offer, this will contain the offer ID. (fxhash named their swaps offers in the beginning).
start_pricebig integerThe start price of the listing, in micro tez (only used by Versum).
end_pricebig integerThe end price of the listing, in micro tez (only used by Versum).
end_timetimestampThe end time of the listing (only used by Versum).
burn_on_endbooleanIs set to true if the remaining tokens should be burned after the end time was reached (only used by Versum).
currencystringIf the price is in wrapped tez, this will be set to ‘OTEZ’. (only used by some http://OBJKT.com listings).